About me

Born in 1953 in Bremen, Germany, I spend most of my leisure time close to the water, mostly sailing on the boat of my parents. This was a successful training base for my later sailing trips on yachts on high seas.

At the end of the 1970s I modelled my first half hulls to earn some money during my studies at the University of Bremen.

In 1995 my hobby became profession. The customers demanded more than half hulls and so full-rigged models and the restoration of ship models became part of my work.

Once in the 70s I learned the technique to build wooden half hulls from a friend of my grandmother, a shipbuilding engineer. On the base of the ancient skills and usabilities I developed seasonable and new designs, but trusted the classic craftmanship until today.

The most complex models were two research vessels (“Maria S. Merian” and “Sonne”) in the scale of 1:50, each about 200 cm long. The smallest was a half hull of a folkeboat, not longer than 9 cm.

Half hulls are my favorites, because they allow the most range in the design.

During many years since 1995 I took part as exhibitor in the Hanseboot in Hamburg and other maritime fairs and events. I also stayed in contact to many companies, public establishments, sailing clubs and private owners of yachts and started to exhibit in the internet in 2001.

Thus I found customers all around the world. Even two of my half hulls sailed around the world and the training ship of the German marine, the “Gorch Fock”, has two half hulls of its own on board.

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